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Dear Bloggers
ILLUMINAIRE is an initiative of two Bodhians- Vibhuti and Pragya. I am extremely pleased with their idea and wish them success for their venture.
Blogging is a modern daycreative medium to express, share and/or reflect. There is a writer, a poet, a composer hidden in every individual; ILLUMINAIRE is a platform where you can meet your strength, your creativity and your potential with an audience who will appreciate your actions; it is a platform where latent talents meet mature expression with an audience who may applaudyou. ILLUMINAIRE is also a platform where conflicts and thoughts resonate and reason with an audience who may support or critique the myriad opinions.
Writing opens up a newhorizon of imagination, kindles a world of creativity and prepares a realm ofcamaraderie. I would appreciate more and more budding writers finding a common place in ILLIMINAIRE and supporting the two girls who have taken the initiative of launching such a venture.
We begin small; all we need is the faith in our endeavours, trust in our abilities and perseverance in our attempts. Bodhians have these qualities in abundance and the faculty is ever ready to guide and support them.
Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said, “The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. It is not for you to choose what he shall know, what he shall do. It is chosen and foreordained and he only holds the key to his own secret.” IB PYP envisages this as “Student Agency” in which students have “Voice, Choice and Ownership” in their own learning.
The world today has moved far ahead in pragmatism and productivity; schools hold the onus of taking this further. Bodhi International School has an ardent faith in its pupils and their initiatives, and would look forward to many such novel ventures.
Have a happy writing time!


Mr Kishor Joshi


Creativity has no boundaries, it can’t be restrained or contained. A creative mind requires just an avenue to showcase itself. Two of our Grade 12 students have given wings to the writing talents of Bodhians by creating this blog, whereby any student can showcase his/her writing skills.
Putting forth our thoughts in writing is fulfilling, enriching and rewarding that brings one closer to one’s inner self. As we put our thoughts on paper, we emote them and live through those feelings. This, apart from being a fruitful exercise, also proves to be cathartic at times. A lot of clarity in our actions is noticed if we put our thoughts down. Doing so makes us see the flow events and their sequence.
Every written word creates a flutter in the space in which it is written and in the minds of those who read and assimilate it. Our thought processes are put into motion through the lubrication of the written word. There is a self-reflection followed by self-realisation that happens during this process.
The youth of today look at the world through their lens of idealism and without the fear of failure. We need to give them all avenues possible to foster and further these attributes as they venture out into a world, where no one has yet been. They are ready to make this world a part of their living space, and we need to help them create the world of tomorrow.
Through this blog aptly titled ‘Illuminare’, these students not only want to light up the remote and dark corners of the human mind, but also want to draw upon the thought processes hidden in all of us. As is said, “Every person has a story to tell, every person is a writer. Some put it down on paper, some keep it within their hearts.” This blog is an attempt to draw, what is in the heart out in the open.
Here is wishing all the success to the creators of the blog and the contributors to it as well.


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There are people we know are super talented but there is lack of the platform to present their talent on. So we the students of Bodhi international school have taken an initiative to give a platform to the students of Bodhi to present their skills and creativity on a better recognized platform. By this we don’t only benefit our school but the society of having future writers, and more perspectives on the same thing. By this we also benefit the students for showcasing their ideas on a wider scale of recognition. All the work, material available on the website are 100% made by the creative, exploring minds of the students.


Pragya Deora


Pragya is an 11th grader of Bodhi international school. She has a very creative mind with the eagerness to learn more; she knows what she is best at and always puts her best foot forward. She knows how to deal with problems and to get the best solution from the same. Despite being a student she has taken an initiative of loving the society and giving the best she can by starting a club named as Love for Care. She also has a work experience as an intern with ITC Welcome group of hotel!

Vibhuti Agarwal


 Vibhuti is a 10th grader of Bodhi international school. She is definitely very responsible and loves to explore things. She is a critical thinker and studies in depth of any topic. She respects other perspectives as well and make sure that the decision is agreed by all and not hurting anyone’s feelings. Despite being a student she has taken an initiative of loving the society and giving the best she can by starting a club named as Love for Care.


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